Intermediate SMARTBoard Techniques Workshop
East Irondequoit Professional Development
August 13, 2012
Candace R. Black

Intermediate SMARTBoard Techniques is a workshop designed to help the teacher with some experience with using a SMARTBoard exploit it and the SMARTNotebook software to their fullest. The SMARTNotebook software has s host of available activities and tools through which teachers can enhance their classroom techniques to build engaging activities and assessments for students at all levels. Activity templates presented include: Note reveal, Timeline reveal, Sentence arrange, Keyword match, 2 & 3 category sort, Vortex sort (text), Fridge magnets, Crossword puzzle creator, Anagrams, Question flipper, Random word chooser, Word guess (Hangman – Soccer / Basketball / Tomato splat), Multiple choice (quiz), Word biz. Tool templates presented include: Notebook lined paper, AVID notetaking sheet, Coin flip, Thermometer, Dominoes, Dice, Dice w/numbers, Dice w/text, Talking dice, Random generators, Random number generator, Random letter generator, Scorekeeper, and Spinners.

Activity Templates

Tool Templates