Advanced SMARTBoard Techniques Workshop
East Irondequoit Professional Development
August 23, 2012
Candace R. Black

Advanced SMARTBoard Techniques is a workshop designed to help the teacher with significant experience with using a SMARTBoard exploit it and the SMARTNotebook software to their fullest. The SMARTNotebook software has s host of available activities and tools using images through which teachers can enhance their classroom techniques to build engaging activities and assessments for students at all levels. Activity templates presented include: . Tool templates presented include: Keyword match w/long definitions and praise tool, Multiple choice with praise tool, 2 & 3 category sort with pictures, Image arrange, Image match, Image select, Vortex sort image, Pairs (Concentration), Question tool checker with & without diagram, Multiple choice question checker with praise, Image flipper, Click and reveal, Random image chooser, Random image group generator, Hotspots, and Suduko. Tool templates include: Word splitter, Word generator, Image / word picker, Buttons, Help button, Calendar generator, Dice with images, Timers, clocks & firecrackers, Praise tools, Scrolling text, and Voting tool.

Games created using the SMARTNotebook software: Standard board game, Circles, Koosh ball, Pop the Popcorn, 15 Balloon pop!, and Hollywood Squares.

Activity Templates

Tools Templates

Games Templates